Child Care Policies and Procedures

Kids at Work is a Christian School. Our Children are given Bible knowledge and taught Christian values. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome you in our program!



Caring for children is our chosen profession. Children are very special to us and their well-being is our main concern. We truly enjoy talking and playing with each child, and meeting his or her physical and emotional needs. Your child will be loved and treated as a uniquely special person while in our care.



Quality care is promoted through open communication between parent and provider. Feel free to contact us to see what kind of day your child is having, to share good news, and the like. Please also share your thoughts with us, whether positive or negative as both are important to us and help us to provide quality care for your child. Information about your child’s experiences in child care will be shared with you on a daily basis. Parents of all the children need to bring communication books which will include anything u want to communicate with your child’s teacher.



We held our general meeting quarterly, but we are always eager to speak with parents about their child’s daily experiences, growth and development or any other topic you may want to discuss. If you have any concerns we will be happy to work with you or arrange a convenient time to discuss issues, please understand that sleep time will usually be the best time for us to give the uninterrupted attention that your concern deserves.



All information about children and their families will be kept strictly confidential. If a communicable illness occurs, the school has the right to know of such illness. Children suffering from infectious diseases should be kept at home until they have recovered. The following diseases are infectious: chicken pox, pink eye, German measles, diphtheria, measles, ringworm, whooping cough, mumps, meningitis, scarlet fever and hepatitis.


Parents as Partners

The parent-provider partnership is extremely important in promoting quality care for your child. Your involvement is important in helping us meet your child’s need and to continue providing a high level of quality care for your child. If your child is absent for any reason, no refund will be given.



Children must be brought into the school by an adult and the school register must be signed on arrival and pick-up time, if you did not sign it means your child is not at school and we will not held liable for any incidence.


School Trips

Kids at Work plans school trips for educational purposes and just for fun. All our trips are compulsory as we raise funds with our trips.



Kids at Work is open all year round except for all public holidays and we close during the December School Holidays. It is our standard policy to close the school when a single day falls between Public Holiday.


School Fees

Our fees are payable in advance for 12months on or before the 3rd of every month. In order to reserve a space at Kids at Work a non-refundable enrollment fee is charged.



Birthday rings are held on birthdays and parents are to send a cake and party packs for the occasion.

Child Care Safety Policy

The safety of every child is of primary importance to us, therefore the following policies have been developed to encourage and provide the safest environment possible.


Child Care Safety – Child Abuse

Our love of children prompt us to help provide the best possible life experiences for them. We have been trained to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect of any child we care for.


Child Care Safety – Emergency Care/Evacuation

In the event that an emergency requires to leave the centre, i.e in case of fire the owner/principal as she is well trained with Brixton fire department as a fire Marshall will assist the children to exit through the child care entrance/exit. The children will be moved to a safe location if necessary.


Child Care Safety – Environment

We make every effort to maintain an environment that is safe for your child. This includes children’s equipment, resources, safe storage of hazardous materials, doorknob covers and gates is always locked.


Child Care Safety – First Aid

All practitioners has done First Aid training that is renewed regularly.


Child Care Safety – Injury

Children accumulate bumps, bruises, scratches and scrapes often through active play. Our rules require that each child be observed for signs of injury upon arrival and departure, unusual injuries be recorded in the medical log book, minor injuries will be treated with soap and water, band aid, ice if needed, and lots of TLC. If serious injury, including head injury occurs we will call the parent and immediately transport the child to hospital or call an ambulance if needed. Payment of any bills or ambulance and/or other medical care is the responsibility of the parent.


Child Care Safety – Safe Release

In order to keep your child safe, we will only release a child to his/her parents and to persons listed on the registration form. If anyone other than the child’s parent or a person listed on the registration form is to pick up a child, we need to be notified in advance in writing or by a phone call. The person will be required to show an ID or photo taken before he or she is allowed to pick up the child’


Child Care Safety – Security

To ensure the safety of our children and their caregivers, no intruders allowed. Visitors by appointments only.

Child Care Health Policies

Our goal is to keep your child as healthy as possible so his/her energy can be used to grow and learn instead of to fight germs. We ensure you to provide the healthiest possible environment.


Child Care Health – Communicable Disease

One of our goal is to promote optimum health among our children, our families, and our community. In addition we are mandated by state law that children with communicable diseases should be kept at home until the child is healed. The following are diseases that are infectious: chicken pox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, hepatitis, meningitis etc.


Child Care Health – Healthy Environment

Each child’s health is important to all of us as it can affect our families and home life. We strive to maintain a healthy environment by encouraging the children to cover their sneezes and coughs , and wash their hands frequently, especially before and after eating and after using the bathroom. Toys and surfaces used by the children are disinfected regularly, and any toys that are mouthed are disinfested as soon as possible.


Child Care Health-Illness in General

In order to provide the most positive daily experience for each of the children, please do not bring your child if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

-Fiver above 37

-Constant, sick, coloured, nasal discharged

-Vomiting diarrhoea

-Contagious are unexplained rash

-Cries and whines are wants to be held constantly

-Otherwise seems unwell and/or unable to participate in a full days activities

-If your chid arrives exhibiting any listed symptom, or any questionable symptom, we are not allowed to except him/her for that day. If your child develops any of this symptoms while in or care, he/she is required to return home immediately.



In order to avoid accidents and mistakes, we are able to give your child medicine only when you have signed a Medical journal at school or for those travelling with transport submitted letter of authorisation or you can download a copy of medical form and bring it with the medication. Both prescription and non-prescription and ministered is recorded in the medical journal.


Child Care Health Illness with Rash

Because children plays so closely together and share space frequently, we cannot care for a child who has a contagious or and unexplained rush. If your child develops a rush while in our care we will notify you and isolated the child immediately. You are expected to pick up your child within one hour of notification. Your child may not return to school until the rush vanishes, unless a doctor written note allows the child to return.

Child Care Health-Preventive Care/Immunisation

Routine immunizations help protect us all from life threating diseases. Your child’s immunizations must be kept up to date and his/her Immunization Record kept updated end on file the school and it is the parents duty to take his/her child for Immunization at the clinic failure to keep the immunization card up to date main result your child being excludes from Kids at work until the card is updated.


Child Care Health-Smoking

To maintain a healthy environment for our lungs, smoking is not allowed anywhere on the permissive on Kids at work


Language of teaching and learning

We are use English as a medium language of teaching and learning, and we have added one official language (Setswana) as majority speaks Setswana.



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