Code Of Conduct For Pupils

1.   Purpose:

1.1     As members of a Christian School we are motivated and guided by the values of Christianity, we strive in the work and play to be the examples
         of Christian love; for God, for others and for ourselves. Each member of Kids At Work is responsible for upholding the core values of the school
         as outlined in the Vision and Mission of the school. Kids at Work stand to have the courage to face, and to overcome challenges; to stand up for
         what is right and just. The Code of Conduct governs the conduct of all pupils and the relationship between the school and its pupils.


1.2    The Code of Conduct aims to create an environment in which it is possible for the individual pupil to achieve the best possible results.


1.3    The Code of Conduct promotes the development of each pupil's relationship skills and emotional resources.


1.4    The Code of Conduct takes into account the interests of  all Kids At Work individuality, initiative, personal responsibility and mutual respect
         are encouraged.


1.5    Signed acceptance of the Code of Conduct by parent or guardian is a prerequisite for admission to the school


1.6    Parents should regularly refer to the Code of Conduct to inform their choices and determine consequences.

2.  General Conduct:

2.1    The climate of the classroom must be warm and mutually respectful.


2.2    Victimisation, including bullying, fighting, intimidation and any display of racism or religious intolerance will not be condoned.


2.3    Swearing and other offensive language is not acceptable, this include ethically, racially, culturally or socially insulting others.


2.4    Continuous late coming and absenteeism will not be tolerated, serious discussion with parents/guardian.


2.5    Pupils are responsible for their personal belonging and valuables, Parents are to clearly mark ALL items.


2.6    Theft is a criminal offense, parents must return any item that does not belong to their children.


2.7    Homework must be completed on time, deadlines must be met and thorough assessment will take place in all classes.


2.8    No disruption of classroom routine is tolerated


2.9    Birthdays are important, parents are to bring cake and party packs for their children.

3.  Merits:

3.1   Awards and merits will regularly be awarded to pupil with good behavior.


3.2   Class captain award is badges


3.3   Awards on classroom activities and homework will be stickers


3.4   Principal award will be given to a child who excel in both behavior and outstanding academic results.

4.  Disciplinary Action:

4.1   Kids At Work is a Christian school, we believe in correcting and disciplining the children, this is how are children are disciplined:


        a.     Facing the wall

        b.     Riding the bike

        c.     Smacking



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